Last update 01-Mar-2007

MBSE BBS Setup Guide

Invoking mbsetup

As user mbse type mbsetup to start the setup program. This version is not yet finished. There are a few items you can't setup yet. When you start mbsetup you will see the following screen:



mbsetup main options

  1. Edit Global configuration
  2. Edit Fido networks
  3. Edit Archiver programs
  4. Edit Virus scanners
  5. Edit Modem types
  6. Edit TTY lines info
  7. Edit Fidonet nodes
  8. Edit BBS setup
    1. Edit Security limits
    2. Edit Language setup
    3. Edit BBS menus
    4. Edit File areas
    5. Edit Transfer protocols
    6. Edit Oneliners
  9. Edit Mail setup
    1. Echo mail groups
    2. Echo mail areas
  10. Edit File echo's setup
    1. Edit Fileecho groups
    2. Edit Fileecho areas
    3. Edit Hatch manager
    4. Edit Magic files
  11. Edit Newfiles groups
  12. Edit Newfiles reports
  13. Edit Filefind setup
  14. Edit Files database
  15. Edit BBS users
  16. Edit Services
  17. Edit Domains
  18. Edit Task Manager
  19. Edit Routing Table
  20. Edit Internet BBS Chat
  21. Show software information
  22. Create site documents
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